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Case Study 1 LaShondra Wilbon CJUS 530- Dr. P. Webb February 5, 2016 Liberty University Abstract: When a law enforcement officer or other public employee is accused of potentially criminal conduct, they may face three different kinds of interviews or interrogations. If an officer is interviewed as a criminal suspect, they have the absolute right to decline to answer any questions, or to insist that they have a lawyer of their choosing to attend the interview. The first is type is during a criminal investigation; the second is during a disciplinary investigation and finally during the course of civil litigation where there has been damages. During a criminal interview, there is no professional, ethical or moral duty to participate especially without the assistance of an attorney to represent the officer under investigation. It has come to a surprise that many experienced officers will waive their right to silence and give the investigators an audio recorded statement. Some of the inexperienced criminals do not make incriminating statements. The motive for cooperation is to avoid unfavorable publicity. Identify the important facts in the case study. There is a lack of knowledge regarding the use of the Garrity warnings. The Garrity warnings have been misinterpreted and misapplied in numerous cases throughout the United States and caused various investigations to be dismissed and also caused some employees to lose their jobs behind statements they provide during

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