Case Analysis : Nokia Company Essay

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Introduction: Analysis : Intern analysis : ajout KFS We can see thanks to the S.W.O.T.T that Nokia has different strength especially the brand name, the experience, it is the founder of the mobile, but also its level of research and development, the quality of the workforce and of the device. But Nokia was not able to use this strength efficiently in the mobile market. a) Overestimation of the brand name: Indeed, we can observe that the weakness of Nokia was to think that its brand name can be enough to allow the company to be a serious competitor in the mobile market nowadays. Equally the lack of uses efficiently its asset in research in development in this sector to innovate and follow the trends of the market was one of the best weakness of the company. Recommendation: Nokia must self-questioning to know what is it place in the mobile phone market. Indeed, Nokia should actualise its knowledge in mobile market to be able to be a serious competitor. The company has to use application its strategy about innovating and become a leader of the market. This can pass also in the use of its capable workfore which is on of its assets too. Nokia has to applicate its key success factor in term of innovate activities especially but also in using the capacity of its workforce. b) Focus on the software and not enough on the hardware: Similarly, we can talk about the fact that Nokia is more focus on the software, less on the hardware and did not seen the importance of the
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