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Case Analysis In your own words, please explain why a company like VillageCar can exist in 2015 but not in 2005. VillageCar can exist in 2015 because of the young generation that is out there. Henry’s son made a good point where he said, “I’m not into buying things. I just want to use them when I need them.” In today’s society, millennials love constant change and convenience. Personally, our generation gets bored easily. Technology is constantly advancing trying to stay one-step ahead of our generation before we get bored or even think of getting bored. We play a big part in the consumer market and our buying habits shows how we are not concerned about owning many things. Additionally, we love changes and trying something new out…show more content…
Technology was advancing, but it was far from where it is today. Additionally, many people did not like change, preferred to have their own car, and loved the fact that it was theirs. The rate of technology is advancing at a faster pace year after year. We now live in world where you can catch an Uber at any time, drive an Infiniti one day, or be in a Honda the next day. We spent a significant about of time this semester discussing the 4 Zones of Social Media. Compare and contrast (e.g., argue for or against) the Social Community and Social Publishing zones; what should VillageCar do in each zone? Social community focuses on sharing, socializing, and conversing. Overall, the social community zone is viewed as the relationship zone. Social media is a place where people come together to interact. Social media networks focus on developing and maintaining relationships. Engaging in conversations and collaborating around content is the primary activity in this zone. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all partake in social engagement. Furthermore, there are different types of media in the social community zone. The ads are paid media, likes and conversations are earned media, and controlled profiles are owned media. VillageCar should use this zone to promote a presence. This is where they would build profiles on social media creating an awareness for their company.
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