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Case 5 Summary Turnover and Morale Problems at TSA In the case of the TSA; Transportation Safety Administration, the problem is that screeners are facing declining morale with a high turnover rate. This means that low morale and high turnover become prevalent through the screeners who work at TSA. According to a recent government’s report, low morale issues can make negative impacts on the employees in organizations. It implies that the screeners at TSA can not only be distracted on their jobs but also less focused on security and screening responsibilities because of the low morale. In fact, due to low morale, low payment, discrimination to minorities, and fear of retaliation by complaining, about one in five of the nation’s 45,000…show more content…
The last regulation is about designing revised dispute resolution and appeal process for disciplinary actions to provide fairness, but this is not effective to protect the employees from retaliation because managers might give pressure on them not to raise complaints about jobs using tacit warning at the workplace. Third, in order to increase morale and decrease turnover, the bottom line is to create accurate and proper job description from job analysis. Without developed job analysis, the TSA’s efforts for resolving employee concerns may provide false hope and have the unanticipated effects of heightening employee dissatisfaction and further undermining morale. Therefore, with 3 reasons mentioned above, the provisions will not be as effective as to solve the problem. To redesign the TSA officer job descriptions, combination of structured questionnaire method, individual interview method and group interview method would be the most appropriate in analyzing the positions. Only utilizing one method is inadequate in determining job elements that are essential for successful performance. To be specific, the structured questionnaire method is a great tool of gathering information about jobs by checking or rating possible task items. So it is useful to know most of the important tasks that the TSA officer does. However, it has the limitation of exceptions to a job being overlooked. The individual and group
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