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Thai Hoang Quoc BABAIU11289 Case of Caprico Question 1: What are the objectives of the “Project Evaluation and Management of Projects” system? General objectives: 1.Enable better communication between Group and Corporate management with regard to the progress of major projects. - Enable Group management to more closely monitor the progress of major projects. - Provide the capability for Group personel to better manage and control major projects. Specific Objective: 1. Report and Control System: - For communication of project activity within the Group and between Group and Corporate. - Initially for high-cost capital projects, then for “critical”, then all others. 2. Procedures Manual: - Document procedures and policies. …show more content…

The AGP project has used the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to show how the tasks relate to each other through the connections between the lines. By using WBS, corporate can identify all the tasks and the exact scope of the project work. Form this information is it possible to carry out a preliminary estimate of the costs of doing the project. It also allows the sequence of the project is understood, especially how tasks interrelate to each other and where tasks can run in parallel. The project control system, accountability, and milestones have been identified detail and clearly Question 3: What was wrong with the previous focus on cost-benefit? Does the AGP system still include a cost-benefit analysis? The previous systems have some mistakes. Traditionally the way most engineering projects had been appraised had been on the basis of a cost-benefit analysis. It means that the investment was expected to pay off in purely financial terms. Appraisals did not usually consider the non-financial aims of projects (such as increasing customer satisfaction). There had also been little effort to understand how well projects actually achieved their aims after they were finished. This also led to one project that made the most sense in purely financial term getting approved over one that made much more sense in marketing terms. There had been occasions when engineering projects went far over budget or a crucial product had been late to market. Therefore, The AGP system

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