Case History Paper : Diabetes

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Case History Paper This case history paper will be examine diabetes and to look at the components of the disease such as etiology, incidences and prevalence, and medical involvement. We will also consider the role that rehabilitation plays in the course of diabetes and to discuss an individual’s experience with diabetes. Diabetes is a dieses in which the body cannot properly manage the blood glucose levels causing a variety of issues to the body tissues. It has three different forms of diabetes as shown in Peters, M. (2016) which are type 1, type 2 and gestational. This paper will be focused on type 2 diabetes. The individual that will be discussed in this paper is a 65 year old male with the initials of L.K. We well be referring to…show more content…
To help aid in the diagnosis, L. K. was also sent for A1C, a test used to help with diagnoses of diabetes by averaging out an individual’s blood glucose levels (, once every three months. L. K.’s condition was not serious enough to warrant daily blood checks. Another aspect of L. K.’s treatment was to also be referred to a dietician. The dietician recommended exercise to help with bring L. K.’s weight down to a healthy weight and modifications in diet to moderate weight chances and decrease sugar intake. This plan was followed through and there was improvement to L. K.’s condition and overall health. There was a slight change in L. K.’s treatment plan when he moved from Manitoba to Alberta in 2013. In doing so, L.K. needed to find a new family physician who had a different plan to help with managing L. K.’s diabetes. The new doctor suggested to L. K. that he aim to lose 25 pounds, which was 10% of his body weight at the time, in six months by limiting bread and getting out and walking more. L. K. managed to lose the 25 pounds in 11 weeks and had lost a total of 65lb in twelve months. When asked if making these life style changes were difficult, L. K. responded with that is was hard to break some of the habits related to
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