Case Management Is A Discipline Within The Long Term Care System

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Case management is a discipline within the Long Term Care system. Case managers help and give guidance in the planning process of developing a care plan for individuals with different health needs. The case manager assesses an individual, plans the care, assists with communication between all members of the team, coordinates appropriate care, evaluates the individual, and acts as an advocate for proper communication between the patient, family members, and the interdisciplinary team (Marion et al., 2010). Case managers are individuals who have specialized in a field within the human and health services, receiving higher education, a license or certification. This education allows case managers to be able to perform assessments on their…show more content…
The case manager regulates use of resources to provide the most efficient care for their clients, which can possibly lead to the client being able to care for himself/herself. They focus on good transitions of care, reducing the fragmentations of care within the system. Further, the case manager’s main goals are to improve the safety, satisfaction, and outcomes of their clients, moving their client into the best levels of health possible (Marion et al., 2010).
As stated in, CMSA Standards of Practice for Case Management, the core steps of case management are: 1. identifying and selecting clients, 2. recognizing problems/opportunities and making an assessment, 3. developing the plan of care, 4. implementation of the care activities, 5. evaluation of the case management plan, 6. termination of the case management process (Marion et al., 2010). All the steps allow for an organized process to occur when evaluating a patient and creating a proper, specific care plan for them. The case managers use evidence based guidelines to create their observations and assessment on the plan of care (Marion et al., 2010).
Identifying a client, allows for the case manager and interdisciplinary team to select clients who will benefit from the usage of a case manager. The case manager screens the individual of past and present health related issues, their insurance coverage, their home situation, and more
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