Case Steve Jackson Faces Resistance to Change Essay example

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Course MBA 530 Organizational Behavior

The Organizational Journey - Focus on the Individual

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Case Steve Jackson Faces Resistance to Change

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The Harvard Business Review of Steve Jackson Faces Resistance to Change case study intent is to provide an intricate description of how employees resist change. Different personality traits, egotism, awareness, and social diversity are all factors that affect the outcome when implementing a system that will create change within an organizations workforce. Education, training, and employee expectations of what
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All stakeholders that did not attend the mandatory training would be responsible for the make-up training, which holds all personnel and departments accountable.

Furthermore, by actively involving other coworker’s establishes interaction, and stimulates team-building concepts, which provides a sense of ownership in mapping how the project model incorporation would migrate through each department efficiently. Project managers could assign department teams to assess the effects on their departments, and then conduct rational presentations on the pros and cons of implementing a new system, or install detailed provisions, if required, to address any additional company, or department concerns.

Although, organizational structure is not the total responsibility of Jackson, the company’s senior managers believed, “Western’s organization chart looked more like a guide than a roadmap,” the BSO software case is a perfect opportunity for Abu Dija to step up and provide leadership in correspondence with the other department vice presidents and corporate heads. (Author: Andrew C. Inkpen, Christine Pearson Publisher: Harvard Business Review Ed/Year: 2011 Product Number: TB0275-PDF-ENG). Ensuring a great idea, and assembling a team that delivers a new and innovative concept to existence is a great start in restoring employee confidence, while producing a

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