Essay on Case Studies on Academic Integrity

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Enabling strategies enact academic integrity policy. Without long-term, sustainable and practical support resources, a policy will not be enacted, no matter how well it is articulated.

The cases in this resource cover a range of academic integrity issues in Australian universities with application for a wider audience. These case studies have been developed by the Academic Integrity Standards Project.

“…I suspect that every senior manager needs to have some training in the issue of academic integrity principles. I learnt mine on the job, so I think that needs to be worked through so that the policy and the implementation and the people who have that power understand those principles …So I think the case study models really useful. …show more content…

30 Investigation 32 Considering extenuating circumstances 33 Investigation and confidentiality 36 Privacy in the filing cabinet 39 Workload implications for tutors 41 You plagiarised your supervisor 43 Outcomes 46 I heard you get expelled for plagiarism 47 Law students are a special case 49


The following cases focus on practical strategies to prevent breaches of academic integrity. These include proactive measures to educate students about academic writing, and designing out plagiarism in assessments.

Understanding of academic writing
Designing out plagiarism
Collusion or collaboration
Falsification and plagiarism
Group work: Assessment at stake?
PhD loses his way
Policy and practice
Academic integrity in TNE

Understanding of academic writing

Title of case: EAL / ESL student’s lack of understanding of text ownership in academic writing conventions
Target audience: Academics addressing inadvertent plagiarism in students’ written work
Key issue being addressed: Appraising and addressing students’ lack of understanding of ‘text ownership’ and ‘acknowledgment’.
Purpose of the case: To scaffold students’ understanding of text ‘ownership’ and academic conventions of text re-use.

Materials and preparation needed to answer

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