Case Study 10.4 Google and Youtube Together Essay

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1. In your view and experience on YouTube, will typical YouTube viewers accept advertising while watching the videos?
As a YouTube user, advertising is a pain and I try to avoid it whenever possible, but it could be much worse and is generally non-intrusive as possible. Some videos provide a flash overlay at the bottom of the video that displays an advertisement similar to the Google ad words advertisements that appear when using Google for searching. This flash overlay can even be closed as soon as it appears. The advertisement does not hinder the viewer from being able to watch their video immediately. The text in the case study mentions how most viewers are dissatisfied with having to watch an advertisement before viewing the
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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act requires the owners of content to notify websites when their copyrights are infringed. This works for YouTube because the responsibility lies with the copyright owners to police the site and notify them when they see their material posted, but this places extra burden with those copyright holders. But if YouTube has to scan the vast numbers of videos uploaded every minute on its site, the concept of YouTube would not work because users expect their videos to be posted immediately.
3. Assume you were a manufacturer of sporting goods, and wanted to use YouTube videos as a marketing tool to establish your brand. What concerns would you have about using YouTube?
Video advertisements have a response rate of 0.4%, which is still greater than regular web advertisements such as banner ads, but is not an impressive number if I were a sporting goods manufacturer looking to use YouTube video ads as a major part of my advertising budget. I can expect that a large portion of the viewing audience would skip or block out my advertisement. The return on investment is potentially very small. Another concern I would have would be copyright issues, especially since 25% of the videos on YouTube contain copyrighted material and make up possibly more than half of the total views. There could be potential risks of lawsuits from advertisements appearing on videos which contain
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