Case Study : Appex Inc Merged With 25 Employees And $ 2 Million

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Appex started as a small company with 25 employees and $2 million in revenue in the early stage. Formerly named as Appex Inc., it was founded in 1984 by Brian E. Boyle and headquartered in Waltham, WA. The company core business focused in management information system for cellular industry and credit scoring systems for financial service companies. Besides, it provided management information systems and intercarrier network service to cellular telephone companies. The company was entrepreneurial, technology-driven and loosely organized. Appex’s employees were focused, committed and hardworking people who preferred to work closely with interaction, in order to successfully meet customers’ needs. In May 1986 Appex Inc merged with Lunayach communications consultants (LLC), which was specialized in designing and engineering cellular radio networks for cellular companies. After the merger, they became Appex Lunayach Systems Corporation (ALS) and they changed into Appex Corporation in May, 1989. Appex’s developing process is worth noting: first of all, they provided service to cellular carriers to allow them to manage their customer in their “home” and “roam” territories, and turned into intercarriers service (ICS) and cellular management information systems (IS). Secondly, they enlarged their business capital; Appex’s revenues grew 1600% by August 1990 and as did their number of workers (they had 172 employees and recruited 10 new staffs monthly by September 1990).
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