Case Study Autism 7th Grade

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Task 2 Case Study The first day of student teaching in the first period I observed a child named ‘Kyle.’ Kyle seemed to get out of his seat even after my mentor teacher asked him to sit in his seat. He was at the front of the class very close to where the teacher taught. After a few times of this he growled at the teacher. I could tell that he was different than the typical student because of his constant interruptions. I found out after the class Kyle was autistic and had behavior problems. I also found out he was operating at an age level of 6 to 7 years old. This behavior happened often so all the 7th grade teachers composed a chart for Kyle to reward him for staying on task but didn’t seem to work. Kyle is interested in science, …show more content…

Once I graded Kyle’s note-taking sheet with map, he had all labels on his map. This also made me believe he liked the visual map and being able to see countries, bodies of water, and cities. I will use a map in the next unit as well. Besides his assignments I had a few objectives I wanted Kyle to accomplish but with no punishment if they were not met. After a gladiator video we watched together, Kyle’s objective was to state the main idea of the video with 80% accuracy, and since it was verbal he was able to correctly state the main idea. Another objective he was able to reach was to transition appropriately from tasks and activities and school environments 80% of the time given visual and verbal prompts. This objective was met 6 out of 8 times throughout the unit. Overall, a big objective for Kyle was to follow classroom rules and directives given visual and verbal prompts 90% of the time. He was able to reach slightly under 90% of the time in the class I taught but this was a yearlong objective that all his teachers participated in. Finally, it is so important that Autistic children have structure, routine, and praise. In Kyle’s case he did not like writing which is an important part in history. By reducing his assignments, asking for verbal answers instead of written answers, verbally reminding everyone to stay on task, and providing written and verbal instructions, I was able to meet my objectives through the assessments. I believe I was

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