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Human Development Notebook [Part One] Laura Douthat EDF 3214 Sept. 27, 2010 Brain and memory Principles and theories When a human child is born, their brain is not yet fully developed. This development takes place over time and involves neurological processes as well as environmental stimulation. Babies have all the neurons that they will ever have at the time of their birth. Neurons are the structures that enable brains to store and transmit information (Woolfolk, 2010, p.29). The connectors which allow the information from the neurons to travel across the brain are not developed at this time, however. These fibers, called axons and dendrites, continue to mature throughout the early stages of the child’s life. How…show more content…
144). Some other techniques for improving the learning experience of students with autism are structured teaching, speech and language therapy, social skills therapy, and occupational therapy. Keeping a structured and predictable schedule is imperative when instructing a child with autism. The child will also, most likely, need some specialized classes in speech as well as instruction in appropriate social interaction, as one symptom of autism is a lack of comprehension of social norms. Educators need to keep in close contact with the team responsible for the student’s educational plan and diagnostic write-up to ensure that there are no large gaps in the educational programs suggested and the ones being applied. Physical development Principles and theories Physical development is defined as changes in body structure and function over time (Woolfolk, 2010, p.559). There are two main principles involved in the physical development of humans. Normal human development progresses from the head down. When born, babies’ heads are disproportionately large in comparison to the rest of their bodies. In fact, a baby’s head is approximately one-fourth of the size of their entire body. Over time, the body size increases
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