Case Study : Baxter Manufacturing Company Essay

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Baxter Manufacturing Company (BMC) is in the business of deep-drawn stampings and have been able to provide a quality products at high efficiency. However, over the years the industry has been changing especially when it involves the impact computer networks and software have been having. Even though they have tried to keep up, some implementation of the new technologies did not go to plan. The customer service side information databases and EDI was faltering. The steering comity brought together are Kyle Baxter the president, Controller Lou Wilcox, Sue Barkley VP of customer relation, Don Collins. They need to figure out if a new in-house development project to mitigate these problems is more cost effective or should a purchase of an EMS system be made to quickly get the new customer service system working. Baxter Manufacturing has been in business since 1978 and have been pioneers in the deep drawn tamping’s industry by creating their own processes as well as all the tools required to produce them at such high volumes. In the 1980, then computer industry took off and stated to change how many industries conducted everyday business. Because of this, BNC was starting to lose business to Just in Time Manufacturing. This had a negative impact on the way they were able to handle production schedules as well as manage the inventory. Electronic Data Interchange also became a very popular capability in 1992 for business to use in their technology department. Finally at this point

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