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Running head: CROSBY MANUFACTORING CORPORATION Case Study Chapter 12 – Crosby Manufacturing Corporation Abstract Next to first-hand experience, case studies are one of the best ways to learn project management skills. In The Crosby Manufacturing Corporation case study, Harold Kerzner reports on the executive-level exchange between the company president and other department heads regarding a new Management Cost and Control System (Kerzner, 2009). This paper will give a synopsis of the case, analyze the case study communications issues and risks, and evaluate Livingston’s selection of a project manager. It will also discuss the possible reactions from the employees, the impact on the cost and time on the …show more content…

Evaluation of Livingston’s Choice of a Project Manager The President of the corporation had the right to decide on a project manager by employing an individual that would off the necessary services needed by the government agency to complete the job. Mr. Livingston gave the management staff an opportunity to come up with the proper approach but they were unable to. In line with the project objectives, they will fail to come up with the right milestones, detailed schedules, and design review meetings and feedback necessary from the management staff. As the leader of an organization, you have to be able to choose individuals as leaders that will be able to perform the task efficiently and effectively with the corporation’s best interest in mind. Was his choice a mistake? Yes, I think that this was a major mistake in appointing Mr. Emary as the project manager because he had little experience in such a major task and something that the company was depending on heavily. Though Mr. Emary was an outstanding planner and got the job done, this was not one of those times when you need someone with little experience leading such a major project and to make the statement that Mr. Emary had less knowledgeable then other on the project did not do much to console the employees of his competence on completing the task. Reaction of the Functional Employees The reactions from the functional employees in response to the appointment of Emary as

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