Case Study : Best Buy Essay

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STRATEGIES OF INNOVATION BUS779CH2 CASE STUDY: BEST BUY 1. What type of an issue does the case pose?—Problem, Decision, Evaluation, or rule? Or are there multiple issues? Answer: The case revolves around the problem of balancing efficiency and creativity, processes and free innovation, centralized and de-centralized decision making, distributed and top-down implementation approaches, intuition and data driven decision making. There are multiple aspects of an organization change being represented in the case study right from identification of the problem, areas or issues surrounding the problem, approach taken to solve the problem, challenges associated and how the challenges were overcome. In my opinion, the case study is primarily dealing with problem faced by Best Buy but there are other issues surrounding the main problem area. Thus, this case poses multiple issues such as problem, decision and evaluation. 2. What do I need to know about it/them, which the case explains (or infers)? Answer: The case majorly explains on successful implementation of LSS program. The case serves as a guideline on how to overcome quality problems by adopting LSS program. Many company such as 3M could not succeed with LSS. Best Buy with good leaders, performance orientation and trust successfully implemented LSS after a long struggle. One may still go into details of other companies adopting LSS and study their methodology as well as reasons for success or failure. This case highlights

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