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MGT 3375: Global Human Resource Management
Policies/Guidelines: Team-Based (TB) Assignments

Overview of TB Assignments

1. Team-based (TB) assignments focus on answering questions related to the “Hotel Paris” case. There are three (3) TB assignments scheduled during the term. See the Course Schedule in the Syllabus and Assignments area in Blackboard for due dates.

2. Starting with Chapter 3, each chapter contains a segment of the “Hotel Paris” case that focuses on integrating, interpreting, and applying relevant chapter concepts to the case. Each segment of the case indicates options the hotel’s HR Director, Lisa Cruz, should consider in creating HRM policies and practices to produce the employee behaviors, competencies, and …show more content…

• Periodically, I will review the Groups area to assess whether students are posting individual work for all assignment questions for each TB assignment.
 Please establish a clearly designated area in your team’s Group Discussion Board for this purpose – I do not want to search all over for this.
 If students are not using the above process, 5+ points will be deducted from the team grade.

4. Logistics: The following procedure must be used to submit each TB assignment in Bb.

• As previously indicated, the team coordinator must submit one paper per team.
• Include a title page that contains the following information:
 Team # and names of all participating team members in alphabetical order.
 Please indicate the team coordinator for each TB assignment.
• Use a running head format for each page: MGT 3375 – Team #.
• The team coordinator must use the following file name format in submitting each TB assignment: TB1, 2, or 3-Team #-T114.
• As previously indicated, instructions to submit each TB assignment in the Assignments area of Bb will be provided. Attachment 2: Preparation of TB

1. Format. Reports must be professionally prepared, using APA guidelines for the format. A link to the APA Guide for papers is posted in the Helpful Resources area of Bb.

• Provide specific support and adequate depth; use relevant examples from the case; be organized! At a

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