Case Study : Bus Strategy & Mgmt Principles

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Strategic Management Name: Tejaswi Sarupudi Professor: Mehdi Noorbaksh Course: Bus Strategy & Mgmt Principles Date:1/19/2017 Chapter 1 questions Question one Competitive advantage is where the profitability of a company is greater than the average profitability of other companies that are in its industry. More so, competitive advantage relates to the business model of a company in the sense that it is the conception of how strategies should work together so that the company can be in a better position of gaining a competitive advantage. Thus, competitive advantage enables the company to create value for its consumers, acquire and maintain consumers, reduce costs and also be able to organize its activities and resources…show more content…
It is clear beyond a reasonable doubt that SWOT analysis can aid a company in making strategic decisions considering the fact that it will help it to find strategies of exploiting the external environment, protecting the strength of the firm and also the company will be in a better position of doing away with weaknesses and be able to deal with threats. There are also those global strategies which will help a company to know how to expand it operations outside the home country and at the end of the day the firm will also be in a better position of gaining a competitive edge (Jones, 2017). Question four The various levels of management include the following; corporate level managers who are responsible for overseeing the development of strategies for the whole company, the also provide a link between those individuals who are concerned with the strategic development of the company and the stakeholders, they also make sure that the business strategies that are conducted by the enterprise are consistent and there is a growth of profitability. There are also functional level mangers that are responsible for certain functions of business, they are also responsible for developing functional strategies so that they can be in a better position of fulfilling the strategic objectives that are set by the corporate and business level managers, they are also responsible for
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