Case Study: Chipping Away at Intel Essay examples

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MGT351: Organizational Change & Innovation
Colorado State University Global Campus
January 16, 2011

1. What were the different changes at Intel of the first three years of Barrett’s tenure?
Barrett sought to diversify Intel by expanding into arenas outside of chip manufacturing, expanding into Internet related services and into production of information and communication appliances. He poured money into new markets looking for ways to expand his brand, he also sought to make Intel more flexible and attempted to reorganize the company and avoid duplicated responsibilities. Unfortunately, many of his efforts were failing and Intel was in worse shape three years into his tenure than they were when he took over.

2. Of the
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While streamlining was important, Barrett also felt that he need to pour money and resources into tapping new markets necessary for Intel’s growth and survival as a company.

4. Are there other external or internal pressures for change you can identify?
This case study also suggests that Barrett made some changes from an ego driven standpoint. While not necessary a pressure as noted in the chapter readings, it appears that Barrett was fixated on creating his own legacy and therefore made questionable decisions and choices that only he saw the wisdom in, but many of his choices appeared short-sighted as evidenced by his “quick hook” mentality if an investment appeared to be failing. It also seems that he failed to see the big-picture, as evidenced by Intel’s move to produce network servers and routers. He either realize that Cisco and Dell, his two biggest clients for the Intel processor would be upset that Intel was now trying to rival their technology or his ego lead him to believe that Intel could and would surpass his clients on their way to global domination in the marketplace.

5. What overall conclusions do you draw about why Barrett made the changes he did? Which issues were dominant? Why?
Personally, I believe that Barrett may have been influenced by the accomplishments of his predecessors. He inherited his position at Intel on the heels of Andrew Grove, who had successfully navigated Intel into a major global

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