Case Study : Colorado 's New Belgium Brewing Co Essay

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Companies being socially responsible seems to have become a requirement for a company to maintain sustainability and profitability. Each and every year, it seems, irresponsible companies are getting shut down or going bankrupt for various reason. Alternatively, it seems that companies that show a concern to the communities around them, prosper. Fort Collins, Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing Co. (NBB) is an example of a socially responsible company that is prospering. To provide some insight into how socially responsible NBB is as a company, three points will be discussed. First is the environment issues that NBB faces and how they address them. Next is how social responsibility provides a competitive advantage for the company. Lastly, how New Belgium’s actions and initiative are indicative of a socially responsible corporation. The first questions asked was, what environmental issues does the New Belgium Brewing Company work to address. NBB works hard at trying to preserve the environment the way it is. This is shown through almost anything the company does, from recycling to renewable energy. NBB is trying to make a better world for those around them and are doing a fantastic job. NBB has shown a concern for protecting winters and stopping climate change. In a story posted on the New Belgium website titled, “Brewing Beer to Protect Our Winters,” the company asks for help from the community to try and save the world. The story describes the impact that global climate change

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