Case Study: Danilo Gallinari

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It’s fitting that a solid, but unspectacular, player in Danilo Gallinari is moving on to a solid, but unspectacular team in the Los Angeles Clippers. Don’t get me wrong, you could do a lot worse at small forward than Gallinari, but he also does little to offset the loss of shipping Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets this offseason. Not to mention, the Clips spent 65 million dollars on a serviceable player while they owe 172 million in a brand-new contract to Blake Griffin and are still on the hook for roughly 46 million owed to DeAndre Jordan in order to just be the fifth seed in the West next year at best. Gallinari is a capable scorer and led the Denver Nuggets last season in the category, but he isn’t so dynamic as he has failed to surpass
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