Case Study : Delta Information Solutions

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Delta Information Solutions [1], a global business and technology services firm, struggling to meet the deadlines for delivering software solutions to one of its major client. The profit margins for Delta are falling down with existing Client’s dissatisfaction on delivery failures and setback of new clients. Delta Information Solutions was formed by the combination of Delta 's legacy services consulting and outsourcing business and the integration of acquired METASYTEMS [1]. Delta Information Solutions provide software solutions and business modernization solutions for many clients in state and local government sectors. In July 2013, one of the major clients initiated a multi-year business modernization project, with the purpose of replacing the current business operations software with highly efficient software. METASYTEMS, an independent IT firm (in 2013), got the project contract with the delivery constraints of five years (till July 2018). The project development contract called for METASYTEMS to validate client’s business and technical requirements and to design, develop and implement the project in five phases, one phase per year. METASYTEMS worked on phase-1 until November 2014 and failed to deliver phase-1 on time due to lack of processes for software development, leadership and technical issues. In December 2014, Delta Information Solutions purchased METASYTEMS. After the takeover of METASYTEMS, Delta Information Solutions convinced the client and negotiated to
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