The Pizza Delivery Quick ( Pdq ) Industry Service

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The Pizza Delivery Quick (PDQ) Industry service in America is considered to be a very successful market in the quick service restaurant industry. Although the industry success is very appealing, managing the day-to-day operations needs significant planning and a clear tactics to create, implement, execute and have successful results. However, the PDQ last report sales are on the level of 30%, which places the company in a serious difficult position to continue operating competitively.
The PDQ project will take a detail process that will help launch the appropriate software technology along with existing processes in order to implement new cutting edge innovations. Although technology is not the only leverage for improving project management, modern technology is an important element (Kendall & Austin, 2013). Today, businesses depend on technology to produce more in less time and with minimal resources making modern technology a critical component to a successful business. In today’s high tech world, it is important to develop and execute effective project management strategies that will place the company at a competitive level. Companies must continue to work on projects that will drive their business to innovate and change for the better (Shenhar & Dvir, 2997).
Generate the RBS for the Inventory Management sub-system project and choose the model you will use. Rank order the specific models from best fit to worse fit, and state your rationale for that ranking.

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