Case Study : Developing And Running Business

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Developing and running business according to the demands of ever changing customer’s needs has become the criteria of being successful in this era. This era offers more dynamic and creative challenges than ever before. In response of meeting the new needs of the customers way of doing business has been changing rapidly. Small ventures and newly established start-ups have become a very good solution to the customers in fulfilling their demands. In London recently innumerable business developing consultancy firms have been developed and most of these firms are performing amazingly well. Avanade, a London based firm, has been working efficiently with a vision of being a leader in digital innovator. As an employee of this …show more content…

1. Social Entrepreneurship: By Social Entrepreneurship we mean attracting growing volumes of aptitude, fame, money, and responsiveness. But along with its cumulative attractiveness has come less confidence regarding what accurately a social entrepreneur is and does. Consequently, all classes of actions are now being entitled as social entrepreneurship. Many claim that a rigorous comprehensive term is all for the good, but others might disagree that it’s high time for a more demanding definition and unambiguity. Dr. Mohammad Yunus is one of the most recognized social entrepreneur of this era. In fact he has played a very significant role in shaping and defining the term of social entrepreneurship. He has gained worldwide fame his microcredit and micro finance theory.

2. Serial Entrepreneurship: An entrepreneur who does not depend on only one or meager number of ideas rather initiate to shift his judgements in differentiated characteristics to secure earnings, then he is said to be a serial entrepreneur. As he is a serial entrepreneur, he often diversifies his ventures to gain optimum paybacks. Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Megastores, Virgin Records are most famous instances of his divergence. He frequently swings his properties from the less dynamic setting to a better province. Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is considered to be the best specimen of serial entrepreneur. He established Virgin Group which wheels more than 400 companies

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