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: Since the last court review, Noah has continued to participate in all aspects of the program with some difficulty. This review period, Noah acquired 8 sanctions for talking (2), not following instructions (2), disrespect towards staff (1), horseplay (1), profanity (1), and laughing (1). On 11/6/17, Noah received an early bed room restriction for not following instructions. During this incident, Noah was asked by this writer multiple times to stop talking during group. On 11/18/17, Noah received another early bed room restriction for trading food after being briefed by staff not to do so prior to the incident. It’s important to note that when confronted about trading food by this writer, Noah was initially dishonest about his actions. …show more content…

In addition, Noah and his peers also began participating in monthly youth group meetings held by the Youth Empowerment Group of the Greater Richmond ACEs and Community Resilience Summit. The purpose of the youth group meetings is to promote resiliency, leadership skill development, positive peer engagement, and self-confidence. Noah also joined the Chesterfield Juvenile Detention Chess Club. On 11/7/17, Noah and her peers viewed the film The Outsiders and participated in a group discussion facilitated by Ms. Carroll, exploring the themes of teen rivalry, conflict, friendship, and loss. Recently, Noah and his peers attended the theatre production, Into the Woods, at the School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community (SPARC) and afforded the opportunity to tour the theatre and meet some of the actors.

Noah’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Camilo & Erika Balderas, have continued to communicate with this writer without concern and attended Noah’s individual Service Plan meeting on 10/24/17.

Family/Clinical Progress: Noah continued to participate in individual therapy with Ms. Carroll.
Ms. Carroll reports that sessions have focused exploring what Noah needs to do in order to enact change. According to Ms. Carroll, Noah was demonstrated a lack of awareness of what is right and wrong and at times presents as flat when he is confronted with therapy work. Ms. Carroll reports that Noah’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Balderas participated

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