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Case study 2 Chris Double 7. 14.1 is Chris’s BMI 8. 1308 is Chris’s BMR 9. 151.6 is his THR at 60% 178.8 is his THR at 80% 10. Since Chris is a young teenager and hoping to be on the wrestling team, a sport that requires a lot of strength, speed, agility, endurance and explosive power I will give him the 1rm bench test for his upper body strength and for his lower body strength I will give him the 1rm strength test using the squat instead of the leg press as the squat is a better overall leg exercise that recruits more muscle fibers than the leg press. The squat is also more practical to the sport of wrestling as many of the wresting takedowns require the wrestlers to squat low to the ground. For endurance I would give him …show more content…

Friday Floor presses 5x3reps Board presses 5x3reps Box squats 5x3reps Skull crushers 3x12 Walking lunges 3x50 feet Glute hamsting machine 3x12 Front planks 3x60seconds Side planks 3x60seconds Crunches 3x50 Saturday off Sunday off MONTH 3 Monday- Bench press 4x8 reps Squat 4x8 reps Dumbbell presses 3x10reps dips 3xfailure Push ups 3x failure Leg extensions 6x 20reps Front planks 3x 70 seconds Side planks 3x 70 seconds Elbow to knee crunches 3x 30

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