Case Study: Fisker Emotion

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Fisker EMotion
In case you are hearing the name Fisker for the first time, it is the name of a person. Henrik Fisker is a car designer, and his magic touch is indelibly printed on powerful sports cars such as the Aston Martin DB9 and BMW Z8. Fisker started an auto manufacturing company in 2007, and the company released a hybrid car named the Karma. However, the car didn’t do well, and Fisker left the company. But Mr. Fisker doesn’t give up easily. His new startup has released photos of a new all-electric supercar known as the EMotion.
While we have only seen teasers of the EMotion, Fisker has reeled out the mouth-watering specs of the car. It is expected to carry a $129,000 price tag and will be unveiled in 2018. The car features a breathtaking …show more content…

According to Fisker, the design is meant to accentuate the aerodynamic properties of the car, helping it reduce drag for faster speed and greater range. The car was also described as having a large arched windshield that dives deeply into the hood. The car sports an aggressive functional diffuser and integrated spoiler to increase its aerodynamics. Fisker says that the structure of the car is made from carbon fiber and aluminum. This will help to reduce the weight and increase the range. The side mirrors feature visual cameras that offer the driver a panoramic view of the surroundings and the front end sports an aluminum centerpiece equipped with a LIDAR system. The front has a blunt shape and features different kinds of strange shapes instead of a grille. It also features adaptive headlights positioned way up on the fenders. The EMotion sports huge, black tires with large flared wheel arches. The back is sporty and aggressive, with a hatch-back look and flared out …show more content…

Over the years, Pate Philippe has distinguished itself as the grand master of astronomical watches. One of their best designs so far is the self-winding Celestial 6102P Grand Complications wristwatch.
The Celestial is an embodiment of the watchmaker's age-long tradition of astronomical timepieces and features a dial with a rotating chart of the heavenly bodies. The setup of the dial is so innovative; you can’t help but marvel at the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the designers who crafted so many delicate pieces into such a small space. If you are wearing the celestial, you could see the exact arrangement of the night sky in the northern hemisphere, complete with the orbit of the moon and the movement of the stars, just by looking at the dial.
The Celestial features a sapphire glass covering and comes in rose gold, and platinum cases. The watch sports an inventive arrangement that tells you the mean solar time and lunar time. It comes with two skeletonized hands that indicate the minutes and hours of the mean solar

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