Case Study : Franklin Automotive Corporation

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1. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Franklin Automotive Corporation is currently accepting proposals to develop, design, launch, and supply new premium rear facing axle components based off of the currently supplied R440 model 6 axles. Franklin Automotive requests a proprietary rear axle solution for premium rear-engine motorhome applications. These requirements can be met by a combination of a new RO440 carrier (noise-optimized 4.30 & 4.78 ratios) and a new variant of the existing housing for R440. The purpose of this Request for Proposal is to have the partnerships under consideration specifically address the services required and provide a well-considered price proposal for those services. 2. BACKGROUND INFORMATION Franklin Automotive…show more content…
Price is FCA “Free Carrier” ,the seller delivers the goods that are released for export to the carrier that has been identified by the buyer. It will also be (DDU) “Delivered Duty Unpaid” the selling cost of goods includes all charges to deliver goods up to the door of the consignee except duty or tax of the importing country. Master total will include all TF&G (Tools, Fixtures, and Gages. Amortization will be done a per piece schedule. 4. OUTCOME AND PERFORMANCE STANDARDS The scope of this project includes all design, development, and production of 2 new carriers with ratios 4.3 and 4.78 bus gear sets to be noise optimized without differential-lock on the carrier housing. In addition a new rear facing axle housing will need to be designed, developed, and supplied with a change in the position of the drain, temperature sensor and filling holes. In addition a new position of the brake flange will need to be created and also the removal of the suspension parts. 5. DELIVERABLES Manufacturing and design of a new axle housing variant and two carriers as detailed in outcome and performance standards. Schedules will be delivered via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and deliveries will be scheduled for once a week. Supplier will also send an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) via EDI with every shipment to the customer. 6. TERM OF CONTRACT Specific contract terms and conditions will be negotiated upon selection of the winning

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