Case Study : Freemark Abbey Winery

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Case Study
Freemark Abbey Winery
Dallas Baptist University
Leah Bynum
Megan Bynum
Harrison Daniels III
Brandon Decker
Case #21
Freemark Abbey Winery The partnership, which owns the Freemark Abbey Winery, is faced with a dilemma. The winery is located in the Napa Valley region of California, an area known for producing some of the finest wine on the planet. Freemark Abbey is located in the ideal central and southern areas of the valley. The climates, as well as decisions made during the vinification process greatly influence the taste and marketability of the wine. The winery was established is 1886 and has been producing since. (Estate History, n.d.) Wine is produced when the sugar within the grapes is converted by yeast into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This process is known as fermentation. The carbon dioxide portion of the fermentation process is allowed to escape and the wine is then stored. Different levels of sugar content and acidity levels are required to produce the various types of wine Freemark makes. They currently produce 300,000 bottles of wine split between the Riesling, Petite Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties with the Cabernet Sauvignon making up most of the production. Riesling makes up the second highest production in terms of percentage and is the focus of the case going forward. All of the wines produced by the Freemark Abbey Winery are of the white wine variety. White wine, on the whole does not age as well as red wine. This…

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