Case Study : Gm Make It Safe For Employees

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Organizations are on every street corner around us. They are constantly evolving, and collaborating, in order to provide more for consumers and society in its entirety. However, to execute this effectively, a person must grasp the landscape of the firm so that it knows how to change internally, to produce an external benefit for patrons and society (Tolbert & Hall, 2009, p. 5). The following essay will review my answers and noted in module 1, how they would change after completing this class, how the theories connect to Geranial Motors GM situation, and suggestions of strategies the organization can institute so that they can improve.
As a reminder to the first assignment, I will summarize the article I chose. The company was General Motors and the article was titled, Can GM Make It Safe for Employees to Speak Up? The article explains how the company needs to change is culture and behavior to one that focusses on safety and quality. The trigger point which necessitated this change was the recall of 6 million ignition switches (Gavett, 2014). There were several opportunities for individuals and departments to speak up, however, not one of them rose to the occasion. In fact, the article notes that it was not the people that actually screwed up, it was because of the complexity of the business (Gavett, 2014).
To start with, I stand by my original answers and arguments on how our Advanced Organizational Behavior class relates to this article, however, I would like to take a…
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