The Future of General Motors Rests in the Hands of Mr. Lutz

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Mr. Lutz, I can understand why you are puzzled by the Ad Age articles. The truth is that you are in an unprecedented executive position at General Motors and the future of this all-American company rests in your hands. You see Mr. Lutz, the function of marketing is about satisfying the needs of your customers; developing a brand experience, if you will. Although marketing is an extremely broad organizational function, it’s purpose is to create, communicate and deliver value to its customers while maintaining those relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. Where General Motors has failed is in its ability to connect with their customers. Undeniably, GM has become a company focused on serving itself. To ensure GM’s profitability in this highly commoditized economy, you must refocus your attention on who keeps you in business; your customers. Indeed, there must be a shift from the GM’s current sales (how can we sell more aggressively) & production (what can we make best) orientation, to a more holistic market orientation. By utilizing the holistic marketing concept, we refocus the list of marketing mix activities to include people, processes, performance and programs (Kotler, P., & Keller, K. L., 2012). This change in orientation will improve GM’s market position as it includes four all-encompassing parts: relationship marketing (processes), performance marketing (performance), internal marketing (people), and integrated marketing (programs)

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