Case Study : ' Good Night Mattress '

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Krishna Devulapalli
Ms. Costello
Adv. English 8
22 February 2017 Good Night Mattress

Product A traditional mattress is the perfect house-hold item to sleep on, yet it takes a while to actually fall asleep. Countless amount of people don’t fall asleep right away when they go to bed. Because of this, they don’t wake up early in the morning, and are often grumpy in the morning. The Good Night Mattress solves this problem by reminding the user to take their medicine when they go to sleep. The mattress can also detect how sleepy the user is, and if the user is not sleepy, the mattress will start playing a lullaby or the mattress …show more content…

Target Customer

Studies show that 90% of teenagers are sleep deprived (BedTimes). There are currently more than 37 million teens in the USA who are sleep deprived ("Sleep"). Even though teens value spending money on fashion and comfort, the majority of these teens have parents who don’t like to spend too much money on bedding or fashion ("Small Business"). This influences the purchasing behavior of the majority of teens. They want good mattress’, but the price can’t be higher than 1300 dollars ("Boundless"). Studies show that parenting changes the buying behavior of teens. 40% of parents want cheap mattress’ that’s durable, but they don’t care about the comfort level or the amount of sleep their children receive. They value online companies for un-expensive shipping and handling, and they also value companies that regularly send coupons or store cash . This includes stores such as “Amazon”, “Ebay”, or “Kohler” ("LLC").

Conclusion Recent sale trends have suggested that this industry has an amazing future. Teens’ spending habits on comfort and fashion bode well for the Good Night Mattress. The constant reminders to take medicine will help teens wake up early in the morning and thus appealing to the parent 's sense of responsibility. Advertising

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