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Q1. How would you describe the goals of: (a). The company as a whole. The goals of the company as a whole means the broad, usually non-quantitative, long run plans relating to organization. As we know, Grand Jean Company has been one of the world’s largest clothing manufacturers, which means it is at a relatively mature stage with variety lines of dress and jeans for men, women and boys. Therefore, according to the BCG Model, described the Business Unite Missions, the company 's strategic goal should be “Hold” in the long run. And in order to achieve the goal, the company should maintain the high standard in growth rate, cash source, market share and cash use. Meanwhile, Grand Jean should be stated as “Harvest” right now, in terms of…show more content…
(a). Manufacturing Plants: Strengths: They make the plant budgeting to determining what a plant’s quota for each month should be for one year ahead of time. And they also check the plant’s past performance to expect the improvements. And they compare the standard labor hours with the actual one to determine the efficiency index and how the manager performed as an expense center. And the bonus system also contribute to stimulate the employees productivity using the performance scale tiling the bonus rate. Weaknesses: According to the statement of Mia Packard. There are number of plant managers was hide some of the pants produced over quota privately, so that they can protect himself against future production deficiencies, using the goods hidden before, to maintain a stable and good performance over the year. Moreover, the lack of immediate and effective monetary rewards also cause the less intention of managers to pushing for maximum production. Besides, some of the plants have been built within the last five yeas facilitate with many new equipment, however, there is no difference between the standard hours determined in the old ones and these plants. This kind of assessment system is not suitable for two different levels equipment at the same time. (b). Marketing Plants: Strengths: They keep changing in product mix to meet

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