Case Study: Hausser Food Products Company

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Introduction: Hausser Food Products Company has been successful in the business of selling baby food since the 1980s, and has had extreme sales growth through the 1990s. Unfortunately, due to some outside factors like decrease in birth rates, organic and dye free standards, and private name brand competition, growth rate recently dropped by three percent. The marketing and sales team are taking responsibility for reshaping the produce line and making more sales to turn this trend around. Similarly to many large corporations, there is a sales team structure, which includes a regional manager who has district managers underneath him or her who have sales representatives in their region that report to them. The district manager,…show more content…
They take pride in their effort, which makes their work feel important; creating those happy, excited internal feelings when they sign a deal or make a monthly goal. This is completely separate from any extrinsic motivation. Thomas says that when you have intrinsic motivation you genuinely care about your work and look for better ways to do your job (2000). He also says that the intrinsic motivation can reduce stress and be the main factor for an individual staying at his or her job; this is linked to the importance they feel towards their job and the role they play in a company (2000). The Florida team made it known to the researcher that some of the extrinsic rewards are not even that substantial, for example the $500 bonus you can receive for sharing a great sales idea with the company that generates profit. This is another factor that leads us to believe there is much intrinsic motivation at work that is keeping the Florida team on top of their sales. There are many other factors as to why this sales team excels. One main driving force is their salesperson oriented nature towards creating sales and having the client relationship in which you can keep a deal going and make more deals. Another driving factor is their manager Boyar, who inspires them and manages them in a way that they are able to succeed, as well as feel connected and proud of the work they

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