Case Study : High Levels Of Customer Service And Address Any Manufacturing Issues That Arise

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will have to encounter returns, high levels of customer service and address any manufacturing issues that arise. Don’t get me wrong physical products can be an extremely profitable business and if you are interested in starting a physical product business I wrote a book that teaches you exactly how, which you can check out here.

Although I do like physical product businesses they can be exhausting and unless your company has reached a certain size the work can seem to be endless. However, with the passive steps and strategies that I will teach you, you will learn exactly how to make income while you sleep, while you’re at the gym, or spending time with family. This business model will allow you to live the life of your dreams and experience the true meaning of passive income.

This process all starts with a plan. First, we need to find a profitable niche to dominate. Do you have a passion that gets you excited? What about an industry that you have a wealth of knowledge in? Sure you do. Maybe you’re an master knitter or a master mechanic, or maybe even an expert wine taster? Whatever your passions are, I want you to write them down. If you are having trouble with your passions, you can write down industries that you’re just curious about or that you know others are interested in. You could you use friends, family members, or even television as an example. I want you to have at least fifteen passions written down. We are going to narrow them down and see which one will be…
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