Case Study: MSTT Vs. Renee

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A) Seek to understand if youth is being held accountable for his actions
B) Assess youth behaviors within the home as of late

A,B) Renee explained to MSTT all of Asa negative behaviors happen outside the home. She explained within the home Asa follow the rules and does not disrespect her or his dad. Renee explained as of late she had no reason to hold Asa accountable for anything because he is staying out of trouble by remaining in the home away from his negative peers. Renee explained since Asa have been staying home the only issue she have with him is the lack of motivation he has shown about his future.

A) MSTT and Renee will re-examine why she feel Asa is ready to take the lead in applying to school
B) Assist Renee's level of insight

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