Case Study Management Principles Of Palm Trees Spa

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Introduction: Project is the organized way of achieving organizational goals and objectives by employing different tools and techniques, involve planning, organization, management of different resources of organization and is initiated to achieve specific goals and objectives. In order to understand the project management principles, case study of Palm Trees Spa is selected and project of implementing and installing Management Information System was planned and designed. Historical Perspective of Project Management: Historically, project management can be observed as back as the humanity on earth i.e. the human came with needs and requirements and to fulfil them, they required to perform different activities. The way in which activities were performed to do work improved with passage of time like manufacturing of great pyramid that would be impossible without having effective management of work activities. Similarly, with passage of time, improvements in field of project management resulted into highly sophisticated and modern tools for project management like during 18th century, Henry Gantt developed Gantt Chart, aimed to depict and describe activities to be perform, date of initiation, ending dates and so on. Similarly, another important invention in this regards was of development of Critical Path Analysis, developed by Dupont Corporation during late 50s, followed by development of WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) developed by American State Defence Department (Aleesha,

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