Case Study - Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism

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Case 27 “The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore” Summary Walter Junger is the executive assistant manager in food and beverage department of the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore hotel. He came up with the event “first annual New World of Food and Wine Festival” The management believed his suggestion would be beneficial and backed the concept with budget, personnel and managerial support. Event also had another purposes like creating publicity for the hotel and developing scholarship fund for students. Starting from opening cocktail reception, the festival was held for four days. The festival was divided into three sections of wine tasting and dining, with prices ranging from $50 to $180. Almost all the events during the festival were…show more content…
From one article, Ritz-Carlton serves breakfast for $700. It’s hard for normal people to spend that much money for just one meal. Ritz Carlton created goodwill of the upper class by New World of Food and Wine event. First, Ritz Carlton satisfied guests’ preferences. Upper class people like wine. In one blog posting, it says rich people like fine wine. In addition to drinking it, they like to have knowledge about superior vineyards or rare and exclusive wines. Following article also shows that they like wine. James Joyner speculated that as people attain more education and income, they tend to switch from cheep booze to better and more expensive booze. Millenia Singapore satisfied the taste of rich people by serving still wines from the House of Moet et Chandon, Australia and giving special opportunities to guests to meet winery representatives like Wayne Donaldson from Green Point Winery. Second, Ritz Carlton made positive image by raising funds. From the article, it says the aim of raising funds is developing a scholarship fund for students to pursue a food and beverage career. This makes Ritz Carlton is the company that pursues Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). -------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. Annual new world of food & wine festival. (August 20, 2002). [Website]. Retrieved from [ 2 ]. Annual new world of food & wine festival. (August 20, 2002). [Website].
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