Case Study: Micheal Byrne

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Micheal Byrne was outreached to the XYZ Community Mental Health Center by Mr. Allen Weathers and case worker is Mrs. Kristin Smith. Mr. Byrne's lives under the Barlow Bridge in Pickett's Glen Park. Mr. Byrne's is African American 5'10,160lbs with short black hair, wearing unwashed clothing and he has a dog named "Floyd".Mr. Byrne's joined the Army in 2002 to 2006, After the released from the Army he has been since he homeless. Mr. Byrne stay with a girl friend for a short period and some friends however neither situations worked out. According to Catherine Mr. Byrne's tried working several jobs however each position lasted only 1 to 3 weeks due to his mental issues. Currently he has been living under the Barlow's bridge for two years. Mr.

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