Case Study : New Products For The Company

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Summary Conclusions
The release of new products for the industry proved to have a neutral effect for the KHMJ Company. While the company managed to mirror the market share upgrades of competitors, the firm unanimously agreed on being less than pleased with the lack of relative movement along the industry performance standings. The industry as a whole did a poor job at researching the marketplace and its needs as all companies decided to enter the youth segment rather than diversifying and satisfying the road bike segment. This left an entire market untapped and free for the taking. KHMJ could have capitalized on this opportunity by communicating better with competitors and securing more accurate data. The best indicator for to show the relative success of the company is the comparison of the industry players ' EPS ratio. The industry 's average EPS, $2.9522, was slightly higher than the company EPS ratio of $2.889. This accurately reflects management 's slightly disappointed review of the fiscal period performance.
Unfortunately due to a shortage of cash in 2019 the firm’s strategy shifted towards cutting expenses while still developing as a company. That is why this year the decision was made to upgrade the current mountain bike. Seeing that there was not an adequate amount of cash on hand to build and market a new road bike in order to compete in the road bike market, the firm decided to attempt to make the current mountain bike more attractive to…
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