Case Study Of Alpro

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1.0 INTRODUCTION ALPRO Pharmacist was founded in Port Dickson 15 years ago, by three pharmacist. Today this brand has larger their expenditure and now already has 50 outlets across Malaysia. Each outlets has a pharmacist nutrition and dietician to provide customer with holistic healthcare services. ALPRO Pharmacy is not just an ordinary pharmacy net door but it goes beyond just dispensing medicine and advice on treatment of minor condition and healthy living. It is also extend pharmacist professional services and personalised pharmacy care to its customer. Alpro Pharmacist are providing customer with four useful part of services which is Medipack, Medicheck, Medilist and cautionary labels. Right now this service started to get know as this …show more content…

Medicheck was developed to that customers can discuss their medication with firm to understand what they are taking or the side effect caused by some medication. Next is developing and validating the instrument by focusing on what dimension that suitable for customer. Alpro are using responsiveness dimension which they are willing to help customer and provide prompt service with Medicheck that was developed so that customers can discuss their medication with them. That way Alpro can review and reduce the type of medicine taken to avoid …show more content…

This service concept are consist with both tangibles that define the service and intangibles that make up the service. Customer benefit package are importance in order to define whether the service what is important to provide into customer and what service is not necessary for them. Later by using this concept, the firm will more deeply focus on better defining what is most appropriate service that thy can serve in order to satisfy their needs. The Alpro pharmacy are recognised to use this concept when they are implement this four stage of the customer benefit

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