Case Study Of Artificial Intelligence

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The top three points in the case are to show the attributes of Artificial Behavior, the process of development using virtual technologies, and the benefits of virtual technology. Artificial intelligence is developed as a way to make people's lives better, lessen workloads of humans, and improve work experience as well (Xiuquan & Hongling, 2017). This case study, Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are being used in a variety of ways to improve the decision support provided to managers and business professionals in many companies (O'Brien, 2011). Kimberly- Clark Corp has created a studio to study products and envision their display when produced. Some attributes that this case study is trying to point out is how Artificial …show more content…

The concept of using the virtual technology to approve new products is revolutionary because it will allow a company the opportunity to produce more items with a greater success rate because it has been tested. Three companies who could learn from this case would be Blockbusters, Radio Shack, and Polaroid. Blockbuster was a company that rented and sold movies. I remember Blockbuster when I was a little girl. I remember how I would love to always go on Friday for a good movie. As times changed, Blockbuster was unable to keep up with companies who came about with a more convenient way to rent and enjoy movies through technology. Blockbusters could have learned the power of staying aware of new ways of doing things from this case study. Blockbuster could have linked with a company like Kimberly-Clark Corp. to create a virtual store or movie box that would be more befitting to the new times. Also, if Blockbusters would have test different options via the computer or television, I am sure they would still be open today being that they were a business that had been around for some time and had a big following of customers. Customers, like myself, would have selected them over Netflix and Red Box any day. Blockbusters could have even followed the way of competition and would have succeeded off of their name alone if only they used Artificial intelligence to advance the brand. Polaroid is another brand I loved as a child. Polaroid could not

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