Case Study Of Clean Energy Association Of British Columbia

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Introductory Letter What Is The Clean Energy Association of British Columbia (CEBC)? Who Are Private Clean Energy Producers (CEPs)? MOU between CEBC, BC Hydro and the BC Government Clean Energy Projects and BC First Nations Clean Energy and BC Communities Climate Action and Clean Growth The Urgent Need to Electrify Northeast Gas Fields Heritage vs Non-heritage Power Site C and the Future of Renewables The Standing Offer Program (SOP) Electricity Purchase Agreements (EPAs) Renewals The British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) Clean Capacity Call Taxation on Transmission Lines Small Hydro Projects and Impacts to Salmonid Populations Wind Energy and Bats Clean Energy Being Treated Fairly on the Development Landscape with Mining, …show more content…

o To improve the regulatory and economic environments for clean energy production in BC. o To grow the Association, recognizing that through a robust and active membership, BC’s clean energy sector will grow and thrive along with it. Who Are Private Clean Energy Producers (CEPs)? ● Clean energy projects are developed by companies using resources such as wind, water, solar, waste heat, and biomass. ● CEPs have 106 projects in BC, accounting for 23% of total electricity production in BC. ● Some of the biggest projects in BC are biomass and are a secondary business line (e.g. for pulp and paper mills). ● CEBC membership is primarily composed of companies whose sole business is power production. These companies account for roughly 14% of total electricity produced in BC. MOU between CEBC, BC Hydro and the BC Government ● The MOU was signed between CEBC, BC Hydro, and the BC Government on October 21, 2015. ● The purpose was to clear channels of communication, so that we could “identify snags, resolve concerns, boost investor certainty, and strengthen our partnership.” ● Some specific commitments include: o Commitment to collaboration, open information sharing, and transparency. o Regular Board-to-Board meetings between BC Hydro and CEBC. o Agreement to explore opportunities with First Nations that will support the development and stewardship of British Columbia’s clean energy resources. ● Progress has

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