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Dell Company is one of the leading brands in the computer industry. Its long stint in this computer business has been inspiring for many small IT companies and current entrepreneurs. The given case study has blended a lot of crucial info on the Dell regarding its early growth period with issues, industry specific details, business model, product line and structure, issues and policies in its business in cooperation with future prospects of the Dell Company. Hence, this paper will reply the below questions, based on this case study of Dell Company.
1. What is the story? This case study mainly gyrates the Dell company’s niceties, such as how it comes in the picture, back in 1984, how Michael Dell (founder) makes it to the top, what strategies he used over the time to be there on the top, which markets he selected (target market), what’s the special about the Dell, who are its rivals, how they differ from Dell, what are the reasons that dethrone the Dell from the game by its rivals from the top position, future remedies and so on. The story starts with Michael Dell’s venture of selling the computers at
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In fact, several population-based studies have suggested that there must be some abilities in the person that can make him the superlative businesspersons, such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Larry Page, and so on. The identified abilities are- they are risk takers, saints in some sense, creative, strong-minded, productive, artistic, and so on. They can also predict the future needs of the market as well. For this, they also deploy diverse management practices to make sure the implementation of the big picture. They also exhibit adaptability, sound decisions making process, and implement appropriate business structure and so

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