Case Study Of Eisai

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A. Introduction
This paper will refer to a case study of Eisai, a company where I have worked for almost eight years as HR Director. I will assess how Eisai faces the challenging business environment and how it impacts to the business’ value chain, particularly in the supply chain, marketing, finance, Human Resources (HR) and Information Technology (IT). I will apply various concepts, and analytical frameworks learned during the MVC course, such as Resource-based View (RBV), Marketing Mix (4P), Product Life Cycle and SWOT, to examine the challenges and strategic initiatives applied in this company. This report is expected to contribute to an empirical study that assesses how a pharmaceutical company transforms and survives in the turbulence time.
All information and data used in this report are collected from Eisai’s website (i.e. news/press release, company profile, business and financial performance, factsheet, etc.), combined with the knowledge I gained during my tenure in the company and various academic references. An ethical form has been submitted to the lecture, to ensure company’s confidentiality and minimize the ethical issue.

B. Company Overview
Eisai is a Japan-based pharmaceutical company established in 1936 with headquarter in Tokyo, and the main operation covers Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia.
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It built a new factory in India in 2010, which is expected to be the hub for low-cost generic drugs production and to take over high-cost production in Japan. It also established Eisai Knowledge Centre India to create a future global hub for ensuring a stable supply of the drug and innovate in the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients formulation (Eisai, 2009). In consequence, Eisai must close down its production facility in Misato Japan, after they transfer the production skills and know-how to India (Eisai,
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