Case Study Of Feasibility Study On Chocolates

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5.1: Marketing
Marketing plays the most important role for the success of a business. In this chapter, the business’ marketing objectives are laid out together with the plans or actions that will be needed to achieve these objectives. Furthermore, this chapter includes the profile of the respondents which aided the researchers to create this part of the feasibility study.
A. Target Market

One of the most important in coming up in the marketing plan is identifying your potential customers or your target market. With this, the researchers can implement and come up with the strategies suited with the identified target market. Target market or customers are those who are likely to buy your product.

It is the goal of BonBonHolic to be the leading …show more content…

To boost their energy and they believe that chocolate is a source of happiness

Table 7: Shelf Life of a Chocolate Truffle
Opened/ Unopened Pantry Refrigerator Freezer
Chocolates lasts for 2-3 days 1 week 2-3 weeks

Though a shelf life of a chocolate truffle actually depends on its ingredients, BonBonHolic’s product is made up of a ganache but boiled to remove the water for a longer shelf life. And for sure, people could not resist the chocolate indulgence which may make them eat it all.
Question No. 4: Are you willing to spend P50- P100 per box for chocolate?
Table 8: Frequency Distribution on Respondents’ Willingness to spend P50-100 for a box of chocolate truffle
Yes 243 81%
No 57 19%
TOTAL 300 100% The above data shows that majority or 81% of the respondents are willing to spend Php50-100 per box for chocolate since it is more affordable unlike other chocolate truffle brand while the remaining 19% of the respondents said that they are not willing to spend such since it is not practical and they would rather wait for a gift to be received.
This data provided the researcher an idea about how much BonBonHolic can sell its chocolate truffle considering its cost.
The table on the next page shows how BonBonHolic came up with P50 product price for its chocolate

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