Case Study Of Mcdonad's

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Business organizations need specific strategies to run business and provide direction for company which shows basic goals. As, organization cannot achieve goals without developing specific strategy and develop plan in term of effectiveness and varies different types of organization that are perfect for strategic planning. This case is about McDonad’s for which determines internal and external factors that effect on formulating strategic planning and need to develop productive ideas. Internal factors are major consideration of management, material, machines, and human resources of company but on the other hand, external factors are globalization issues and all systematic factors that cannot control through formulating strategy. …show more content…

External factors are affecting on company that are mentioned for shareholders, customers, employees and system. Macro-economic factors for business are uncontrollable for developing business practices and determine a model named as PEST analysis. PEST analysis identifies success of various factors; develop opportunities, and threats (Murphey & Gause, 1974). Due to global market, business organizations must study external factors are …show more content…

Behavior of stakeholders influence performance of business therefore, company evaluates managers, shareholders, customers, and suppliers with their needs and expectation about business. In order to produce trend analysis, it is important to develop strategies to meet customers’ expectations and produce certain outcomes for undesirable strategies. While considering implication, an important strategy for specific goals is important for performance evaluation. McDonald’s determines demand for stakeholders and support human rights that are associated with group of people and develop regulation for preserving interest (McDonald's,

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