Case Study Of Petron Malaysia

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Petron Malaysia is part of the rising and rapidly evolving Asian oil company in the Philippines, Petron Corporation. Malaysia’s dynamic and effective market with the achievement of ExxonMobil’s businesses in March 2012 had attracted Petron Corporation to join them. Petron subsidiaries in Malaysia consist of Petron Malaysia Refining & Marketing Bhd (“PMRMB”), Petron Fuel International Sdn. Bhd., a public company listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, and Petron Oil (M) Sdn. Bhd.

A wide range of petroleum products which include gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and aviation fuel is produced by Petron Port Dickson Refinery (PDR), which has a rated capacity of 88,000 barrels per day and operated by Petron Malaysia Refining & Marketing Bhd. Petron subsidiaries in Malaysia has eleven strategically-located depots and terminals to distribute their world-class fuels. Therefore, they are able to ensure a continuous and dependable supply of quality fuels to their various customers through this potent distribution network.

Moreover, Petron Malaysia is determined in making the journeys safe with their top-of-the line fuels, Blaze 100RON Euro 4M, Blaze 97RON Euro 4M, Blaze 95RON, Turbo Diesel Euro 5 and Diesel Max. A one-stop service …show more content…

The survey was opened for all Malaysians aged above 18 years old who have been to PETRON to refuel for at least once. Through this survey, we have received 115 responses and the respondents came from different states, genders and ages. We managed to receive useful information through the questionnaire, such as how often did they visit the particular petrol station, which petrol station would they prefer if their first choice was not PETRON, which type of fuel would they normally use, were they satisfied with the service provided by PETRON, and what are the main reasons they would prefer its

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