Case Study On Innocenti

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Innocenti was founded in 1931 by Ferdinando Innocenti and the main purpose was to manufacture steel tubing. The facilities were destroyed during the second world war which left the company trying to get government grants to rebuild their factories. The company rebuilt its premises in Milan and then embarked on making scooters. This progressed into making automotive parts for other car manufacturers. Some of the manufacturers that Innocenti made car parts for were Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and later when they merged with BMC, Innocenti began producing cars starting with the A40 Farina
After the second world war the company was better known for the manufacturing of Lambretta scooters. However, in 1961 the company started to build the mini under licence from the British Leyland Motor corporation (BLMC). The mini's that were built during this era had 998cc and 1275cc engines and other models followed such as the Regent …show more content…

Production kept on decreasing along with prices from the main competitors Fiat. Innocenti responded by making cars that were more personalised to increase prices.
Common Repairs found with Innocenti Mini and other Other models
Innocenti cars are now getting on to being classic and vintage therefore having a service and repair manual will ensure that the car will be maintained to the original standards.
Being old cars there are problems that can arise that could be troublesome to fix because of the lack of available spares. There are problems with some of the Innocenti mini cooper models with the front brake locking. When the manifold vacuum is disconnected the front brakes release. This could be a problem with the servo which is difficult to obtain. It is in situations like these that a good service and repair manual could solve the problem. It will allow you to read up on all the specifications and try and find an alternative

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