Case Study Questions On Empathy

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1) What is Empathy?

Empathy is a feeling of putting yourself on others situation, giving caring and understanding the circumstances of someones who need help, being aware of what others felt behind his/her struggles and also a feeling you want to comfort his/her despite of their worst experiences.

2) Can you state what the problem is in the scenario?

Wilson Reyes felt that his contribution they are not being recognized and he wanted to know what it was that he was missing, the he need to seek a new roles in the company that would make full use of his talents and train for a possible leadership role sometime soon.

3) How many years has it been since Wilson joined CTQ&A Ltd?

10 years later.

4) Describe Wilson and his work attitude in your own words?
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8) Do you think empathy is critical aspect of social competence why or why not?

Yes, Because having empathy that’s what we have shown how really we are, that’s a aspect which can help others to relax , calm, to think that they are worth even on that situation and they feel also that we are equal he/she is not alone to experience that the same situation and it is good to have it.

9) Is there a connection between a persons social competence and his/her leadership capacity? Explain you answer.

Yes, Because without a social competence how would be a good leadership, as a student that there’s a connection between social competence and leadership capacity , we need to mix it and to make it one’s for most be a responsible and proactive leadership to our coworkers etc.

10) Can you think of similar situation in the past that showed you your capacity for empathy? What did you learn from that
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